Adapt quickly, collaborate
effectively, deliver more.

Just3Things is a software platform which empowers
businesses to align and focus their efforts, act quickly
to change priorities and bring the right talent
together to deliver results.

Clients we work with

How work gets done

Transcend sluggish hierarchy and siloed working by bringing the right talent together to accomplish more.

Create the conditions for agility:


Open communication around the
progression of Goals, OKRs and
workstreams throughout the
organisation builds trust and gives
everyone the context that they
need to take decisive action.


We all know that an organisation of
smaller teams making autonomous
decisions is more nimble, but most of
us struggle to make that transition.
Empowering teams whilst providing a
framework to align their efforts is key.


Working together effectively across
departments is essential to increasing
innovation. Getting the balance
between clear accountability and shared
responsibility will pave the way for
cross-functional team success.

Understand the

Clearly articulate strategy and create focus
around company priorities, alerting everyone at
once if these change. Empower your people by
giving them a tool to discover the priorities and
talents of their colleagues.

Give cross functional
teams a clear identity

Create cross functional teams with a shared
mission, and group these into ‘teams of teams’
to map how work actually gets done. Create
clarity around how these teams flourish
alongside a more traditional hierarchy.

Keep everyone
up to date

Update a goal’s status to keep all stakeholders
informed of progress. @mention others to
take quick action if a goal needs to be brought
back on track and log all status messages in
one place without the need for endless emails
and spreadsheets.

Easily understand how action
ladders up to strategy

An enormous amount of talent, ambition and vision
is wasted not due to a lack of direction, but failure to
make obvious to everyone across the organisation
how the end-goal impacts their day-to-day focus. A
clear map of the real alignment by goal – instead of
hierarchy – brings this to life.

Make faster, more
informed decisions

Readily take a read of progress across the
organisation with a series of real-time,
dynamic dashboards that track
organisational, team and individual
priorities. Drill down into more detail to
ensure you take action as early as possible.

Proven success for our partners

Matt Pitt, Head of People Development

“Since incorporating Just3Things in to the way we work, our projects
have taken a real step forward, both in terms of transparency, efficiency
and completion – the team behind the platform act as real partners to
what we want to achieve.”

Sarah Lindsell, CEO

“We had spent time defining our strategy, but we didn’t have a
compelling way to bring this for life for everyone in the Charity.
Just3Things allowed us to cascade goals against our strategic pillars
and to show how everyone played a part in achieving our vision.”

Why is Just3Things right for you?

Future-proof your business

  • Communicate your strategy clearly and succinctly
  • Increase transparency across your organisation
  • Cascade your goals or OKRs through your business easily
  • Drive collaboration between departments
  • Distribute decision-making, without sacrificing transparency

Features you'll value

  • Integrations with your existing HR system, Google Suite,  Trello and more
  • Dashboard to track platform usage and activity across all strategic pillars
  • 256-bit SSL security encryption
  • GDPR compliant

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