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Improving productivity and innovation through shared goals, smarter structures and cross-department clarity.

We’re currently offering a strictly limited number of trial subscriptions.

Just3things is a unique tool that enables organisations to achieve much more by empowering teams to work towards the most valuable goals

top down hierarchial structure
Make the transition from command & control goal cascades to OKR & cross functional teams
Cross functional team structure

The platform makes it simple to switch from an inefficient hierarchical structure to an agile system based on cross functional squads responsible for creating value.

Reorganise a single department or institute a company-wide transformation, and set and monitor clear goals that are visible to everyone.

Enable these networks of teams to coexist within traditional structures without losing aligned focus and accountability.

By clearly communicating your company goals and vision, you’ll ensure that every department is working in the same direction. Empower your teams to align their efforts and work towards the most pressing priorities, while setting OKRs or SMART goals to drive accountability.

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Quickly bring talents and people together to address your most pressing priorities. Give your cross functional teams clear identity and allow everyone to understand who is in which squad beyond an org chart. Increase accountability and assign leaders to projects that cross your old departmental boundaries.

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Stay up-to-speed with progress thanks to regular performance check-ins and automated integration with your existing data sources. Click for an at-a-glance overview of strategic progress or drill down into specific tasks with ease.

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Empower managers to check-in regularly with their reports, even when their goals are set by their squad lead. Appraisal time couldn’t be easier due to integration with your HR system and a full record of activity through the goal period all in one place.

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A proven platform

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Everyone understands the part they play in our company’s success and the platform has embedded our network of teams structure, allowing us to remain innovative in solving problems on behalf of our customers.

We estimate that the platform saves our people over 3 hours every week - time which was previously lost in endless meetings to understand the business context and update stakeholders

Stephen Fitzpatrick - CEO, OVO Energy

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Winner - Innovating through technology 2016
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Finalist - Best digital innovation in HR 2017


Promote complete business clarity through shared goals and progress



Create cross functional autonomous squads that adapt to priorities and opportunities



Reduce the duplication of tasks while increasing productivity


Embrace agility

While most executives agree that ‘top down’ siloed hierarchies are no longer suited to today’s fast-moving commercial landscape, the transition to an agile, squad-based structure typically takes considerable time and effort.

Just3things allows you to easily institute a leaner, smarter, more agile way of working. Empower your teams to adopt a multi-disciplined approach to exploit fresh opportunities, with aligned goals and a culture of transparency and accountability.

Future proof your business:

  • Close the strategy execution gap
  • Focus your people on your most pressing priorities
  • Balance empowerment and control
  • Increase organisational accountability
  • Flexible goal setting (OKR, SMART, etc.)
  • Rapid new-starter alignment

Features you'll value

  • Seamless integration with your existing HR system
  • Smart dashboard for 360° visibility
  • Interaction with Trello, Google Suite and more
  • Banking strength, 256-bit SSL security encryption
  • GDPR compliant

We’re currently offering a strictly limited number of trial subscriptions.