Product Owner

Location: Bristol

Just3Things are looking for a Product Owner to help us accelerate and create amazing things for our customers.

Who are we?

Just3Things is a software platform which helps organisations of all sizes to adapt quickly, collaborate effectively and deliver more. Born of the realisation that while over 80% of C-suite executives* recognise that they need to restructure their organisations to be more agile and responsive, very few of them know how or where to start; J3T builds technology to facilitate cross-functional team working and alignment of goals across every function and level of the company. We are passionate about building transparency into organisations to foster inclusive and empowered networks of teams, and believe in the power of prioritisation to drive measurable outcomes across companies. Just3Things was built and deployed from OVO Energy, one of the fastest growth businesses in Europe, and recently valued as a UK ‘Unicorn’. Therefore whilst the J3T company was only formed in 2018, the platform is established with a successful track record.

We now have over 5,000 users with a commitment from current clients to roll out to 10,000 more in 2019 and a healthy pipeline of new business. The key challenge for our platform is engagement of the end user – the problem space is easily understood and appreciated by the buyer but the platform is only as good as the data entered; appealing to the end user is key. Therefore user research to improve core journeys, feature sets, and simplicity of use are fundamental.

The Product team comprises six experienced and senior engineers, a UX designer and is headed up by a CPO with a wealth of experience in building B2B SaaS platforms. Together we have developed a highly effective and friendly team culture based on lean principles and user focus. 

*Deloitte Human Capital Survey 2017

What can I expect to do?

Your organisational superpowers and interest in lean/agile may have led you to perform Scrum Master or Project Management roles in the past. Perhaps you have done a hands-on Product Management role working closely with the development team, whipping a backlog into shape and swatting away distractions while involving the right people at the right time.

This role is about working with the Founders, Chief Product Officer and UX Designers to understand the ‘why’. You will help to create clarity from big fuzzy ideas, enabling the development team to effectively deliver against these.

You will be optimising the time of our developers – taking away noise, ensuring that sprints are always prepared and ready, and that developers have what they need to work effectively. We care about avoiding unnecessary context switching, about rapid iteration, learning cycles and, critically, we are focussed on outcomes for both customer and business.

What would make me successful in this role?

  • Ensuring a pipeline of ready work for dev, you get your hands dirty in writing stories, breaking down tickets, defining success criteria, etc.
  • Owning the state of the backlog: keeping it neat and ordered, knowing what to keep and what to say ‘thank you – goodbye’ to, Marie Kondo style
  • Own the running of sprint planning meetings, retros, daily stand-ups and other ceremonies
  • You know how to corral meetings and bring people back to the agenda firmly but with a sense of humour
  • ‘Stop starting, start finishing’ mindset, supporting our ‘release early, release often’ philosophy
  • You thrive on learning and continuous improvement
  • You have a perspective on product and development methodologies, but you aren’t dictatorial about them

Tools you’re ideally familiar with: 

  • Jira 
  • Trello 
  • Google Suite 
  • Google Analytics 

Nice, but not essential: 

  • SQL
  • Feature Flag Management

What’s in it for me?

  • Ability to have a real impact – we’re making it possible for organisations to truly realise their ideal of being agile, with adaptable empowered, purpose-driven teams. From start-up to corporate to bleeding-edge product-led organisations, you’ll go along the journey with all of them.
  • The opportunity and autonomy to reinvent, and change the course of a successful, mature product. To shape Just3Things’ future, and the future of our clients.
  • The strongest teams are diverse teams – unusually for a tech company our product and tech team is 50/50 female-male split, have a female leadership team and work tirelessly to create a safe-space for our team to thrive. With offices in beautiful Bristol and well-heeled, eclectic Kensington Church Street London as a creative we think you’ll enjoy the cultural vibe.
  • Opportunity to develop and grow – in such a fast growing business there’s a real opportunity for you to make your mark and try on different hats to build your experience. We value learners and recognise that people have passions both in and out of work so we embrace this and will support you as you reach for your career goals.


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