Just3Things for OKRs

Just3Things is fully optimised to support the creation, tracking and alignment of individual and team OKRs
across your organisation. Create objectives and add key results with just a few clicks, and ensure your
OKRs are brought to life outside a spreadsheet and updated regularly inside our intuitive platform.

Contextualise OKRs

Understand how the OKRs of each employee,
department and cross-functional team align to
the company’s strategic OKRs, and readily make
adjustments as priorities change.

Map Key Results

Map measurable Key Results over time, and track
how these roll up to indicate whether the Objective
is on track. Prioritise (and re-prioritise) your OKRs
on a regular basis to ensure they represent
the reality of your workload.

Align Across Teams

Align your OKRs to those of your function,
cross-functional team or department and view
the network of OKRs across your organisation
to understand how the broader strategy will be
executed in the coming months.

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how Just3Things powers OKRs.